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West Michigan Drive was created in August 2011 by a group of individuals who envisioned building a basketball program to look after the players' best interests. 

West Michigan Drive #Drivestrong

Prioritizing the coach/player relationship, individual player development, and a productive learning environment are the ideals that define our program. With over 10 years of coaching experience and 5 years of administrative experience in the youth basketball arena, we are confident that the WM Drive team will be able to provide the most complete developmental experience for your child.

West Michigan Drive prides itself as an educational program built upon the fundamental skills of basketball. We believe the life lessons and values we teach are essential to a player’s development as an athlete, student, and person. Although we aim to develop individual and team skills, we recognize the most important lessons we teach athletes stretch beyond the basketball court. Hardwork, determination, and confidence are amongst the core values that go into everything we teach and train.

West Michigan Drive Basketball
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